Andrea’s Famous Ribs: A Few Easy Tips

I’m lucky that one of my best friends is a fantastic home cook and adores hosting parties with close friends; sharing her prized wines, designing a stunning spread and sending us home with a generous portion of to-go goodies. Over the last decade that I’ve known Andrea, there is one recipe, in particular, that she has repeated and perfected. That is her ribs! Andrea takes care in every step of the process and has agreed to share her technique with us.

BB Ranch Ribs Smoked

Similar to the crab cake philosophy..the key to ALL amazing food is to use the freshest local ingredients. Eat Seattle partners with BB Ranch a full service butcher dedicated to natural grass-fed meat. They work with local farmers to ensure animals are raised in comfortable living conditions and treated with care at the end of their life. I highly recommend checking them out in the Pike Place Market’s ‘Market Corner’ building. They are doing exceptional things.

Andrea broke it down very simply and this video describes the various key steps:

Simple Steps:

1) Start off with quality pork ribs from a trusted source.

2) Dry rub is all based on preference. We used BB Ranch’s Oink rub and added a little extra brown sugar. Rub ribs and let sit overnight before smoking.

3) Hickory wood chips provide the smokey BBQ deep flavor.

4) Smoke the ribs on rack for 4 hours at 200 Degrees (F)

* Going above and beyond in customer service, BB Ranch also offered to use their smoker for the process.

5) Double foil the ribs with a spritz of apple juice on each rack and smoke for 4 more hours. This extra step gets the ribs falling off the bone and makes all the difference.

6) Brush on preferred BBQ sauce (we love BB Ranch’s sauces) and grill until charred and crispy

7) Invite friends over and enjoy!

Smoked Pork Ribs











  1. Nick Nasarow says

    Very creative, appropriately done, dedicated timing. With that in mind, plus the availability of quality meat from a reputable supplier, Andrea has produced an award winning recipe. The results, as seen in the photo, show the beauty of the finished product as well as the beauty of the chef. Dad

  2. Andrea says

    What a nice write up Liz!
    Thank you for showcasing the ribs and making them even more special. They freeze really well too so always smoke extra extra extra. The best reward is pulling them out and enjoying without the long wait! Xo!

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