Coffee 101 Bean-to-Cup

Seattle Coffee Works

By living in Seattle it is assumed that we live and breath coffee and the lingo that surrounds this craft beverage.  It all started over 40 years ago when Starbucks awakened the coffee revolution by opening its first small shop in the Pike Place Market. Over the course of 4 decades we have managed to maintain the highest concentration of coffee shops than any other city.  But what do we really know about these pits that reside in their cherry-like fruits?

Due to the iconic appeal of Seattle, coffee and its location, Eat Seattle starts its food tour in front of Seattle Coffee Works, located on First and Pike. About a month ago (10 months after founding the company) a tour participant said to me “you should let them know that you start your tour in front of their shop”. It occurred to me that I hadn’t spoken to any SCW staff since I informed them that my Yelp listing uses their address… I reached out immediately to reintroduce myself and check-in. Jesse Fish, General Manager and Barista extraordinaire, carved out some time to meet in person, take me around their facilities and taste coffee!!

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Jam Up Your Biscuit


It didn’t take long for Chris and I to morph into carb-loading addicts during our 3 months stay in Montpellier, France. Baguettes were cheap they were abundant and they were delicious. Their squishy insides and crispy crusts complemented every meal perfectly; especially our morning omelet. Then we drove 20 hours to Montenegro…

Below is a visual of the typical pekara in Montenegro. It looks good in theory but the large, airy loaves, are made with such refined flour that they make Wonder Bread seem like a treat. And maybe it was psychological, but I felt lethargic after eating them.

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