Andrea’s Famous Ribs: A Few Easy Tips

BB Ranch Ribs

I’m lucky that one of my best friends is a fantastic home cook and adores hosting parties with close friends; sharing her prized wines, designing a stunning spread and sending us home with a generous portion of to-go goodies. Over the last decade that I’ve known Andrea, there is one recipe, in particular, that she has repeated and perfected. That is her ribs! Andrea takes care in every step of the process and has agreed to share her technique with us.

Similar to the crab cake philosophy..the key to ALL amazing food is to use the freshest local ingredients. Eat Seattle partners with BB Ranch a full service butcher dedicated to natural grass-fed meat. They work with local farmers to ensure animals are raised in comfortable living conditions and treated with care at the end of their life. I highly recommend checking them out in the Pike Place Market’s ‘Market Corner’ building. They are doing exceptional things.

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Bouchons, Bocuse and Beyond- Food of Lyon


Lyon is regarded as a food mecca for those seeking out traditional and rustic French cuisine. As with any urban city, there is always a high possibility of being fonted. What is fonted you say? Well, it’s a self-invented term: this verb, in the past tense, is used when someone has paid too much money after being lured into an eating establishment by classy font on a sign or a visually appealing interior that gives a false impression that the food is good as well.

So do your research and get reservations to avoid it!

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The Mediterranean’s Sea Urchin Uni-verse

Sea Urchin

My first run-in (literally) with the sea urchin occurred in the Spring when coming in from a kitesurfing session in Montpellier, France. Upon landing my kite I reached down to pick up my board;  not realizing that putting my hand in the water would result in an unpleasant splinter and a blooding finger. The sharp pain quickly sobered me up from my session’s adrenaline; prompting me to take note that I was surrounded by hundreds of  these spiky  sea creatures. My bad-ass kiteboarding self squeaked like a little girl and tip-toed back to shore to inquire about these unforgiving nuisances. Apparently, “les oursins” which are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world, especially in Japan, infest the Mediterranean beaches in the Spring.

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Jam Up Your Biscuit


It didn’t take long for Chris and I to morph into carb-loading addicts during our 3 months stay in Montpellier, France. Baguettes were cheap they were abundant and they were delicious. Their squishy insides and crispy crusts complemented every meal perfectly; especially our morning omelet. Then we drove 20 hours to Montenegro…

Below is a visual of the typical pekara in Montenegro. It looks good in theory but the large, airy loaves, are made with such refined flour that they make Wonder Bread seem like a treat. And maybe it was psychological, but I felt lethargic after eating them.

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