Branzino with White Peach Relish

Branzino with Peach Relish

Agh, I’m one of those bloggers who has been neglecting her writing duties. I always wondered who those people were and now I’m one. Dang it! Good thing Pure Food Fish  continues to ask me to do recipes for their site as it prompts me to write about it on mine.

PFF wanted me to do something creative with Branzino, a fish that I became very familiar with last year when we spent the majority of the year near on the Mediterranean coast. In Croatia and Montenegro this was the go-to fish on every menu. Branzino is technically the Northern Italian (Branzini is just the plural) name given to this mild tasting white fish. Other names that might be familiar to you are European or Mediterranean seabass.

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OMG to the GMOs…Time to Educate

GMO Seed Scoops

Chris and I moved back to Seattle 4 weeks ago, after spending a year in Europe. Within 4 days of being home I noticed uncomfortable cystic bumps forming along my jaw line. I relayed this nuisance to my friend, Wendee, lamenting that after a year of eating baguettes and chèvre it seems odd that I’m suddenly having an allergic reaction now. She looked at me and said in a matter-of-fact tone, “Liz, your body is adjusting to the GMOs again”. I thought about it for a moment and realized that she may have a point. After all, the countries where we traveled did have stringent laws on GMO products and we did shop mostly in farmer’s markets. So, I was compelled to dig into the facts and share them with you.

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