Happy New Year!

Wow, what a year! This blog has morphed into a space where I can share a more personal perspective in all that I’m learning as I go on this experience called life. I apologize for not posting more often but running a small business is a time consuming job.

In a brief recap, many of you know that, 2014 was spent vacationing in Europe which allowed the rare opportunity to step back and refocus on life priorities. Equally as important, it gave me a chance to explore ways in which I can get back to my food roots (and utilize my expensive Le Cordon Bleu education). The Awakening Palate started as a platform to share all that I was absorbing about agriculture, local cuisines and the environment in Europe. At the same time, I began researching more about our food and our sources here in the Northwest. In January 2015 when we returned, I was anxious to hear from Northwest farmers, fishermen, and butchers but I didn’t find a food tour or cooking class that relayed the information I was seeking. Thus in a matter of a month I set out to create Eat Seattle which is focused on educating about all these special aspects of the Northwest.

In February 2015, Eat Seattle was officially born and I hit the ground running to find the right team of chefs, align myself with exceptional vendors in Pike Place Market, and dedicate a significant portion of time to talking to local farmers and producers in the Seattle area. These last 9 months have been a boot camp to more than just gaining NW food knowledge. They’ve involved understanding hospitality, legal necessities, employees, bookkeeping, public relations, social media and website design …some areas more interesting than others. I’ve become a more well-rounded chef as I work with talented individuals. My biceps would make Michelle Obama proud as I lift heavy items into the Atrium Kitchen and beat more cream and eggs then I ever envisioned possible (I hate cleaning mixers). And one of the hardest life lessons learned this year was to get a thicker skin and take any failures or imperfections as an opportunity to improve.

2015 was a journey to say the least. I’ve been incredibly fortunate that my friends and family have supported my pursuit and that several have even ventured to try a food tour or cooking class. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude.

Thank you to all of you!! Here’s to a year full of business success, good health, quality social time and delicious eats!!


Eat Seattle



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