Agriturismo – Farm to Table Dining in Italy

Hungarian Goulash

In my “new dining experiences” post I mentioned a third dining experience that deserves its own post. After having researched it further, I’m excited to tell you about it. The concept is farm to table dining while traveling. Guests are prepared a meal using the freshest produce by the farmers themselves, on their estate.

Italy was one of the first to realize their farmers could use a little extra income to sustain their business. The website Agriturismo was born as a platform to sync travelers up with meals and lodging on farms. Farmers who have extra buildings or rooms that are unused can rent them out and provide meals – BNB style. The accommodations can vary from luxury to almost camping-style but generally you get a lot of value for the price. Each farm’s approach is different. You don’t always have to stay at the farms to enjoy a mind-blowing meal (and yes, they are mind blowing).

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