Bosnia Herzegovina

Turkish Coffee

We only spent the day in Mostar, Bosnia but we were pleasantly surprised with everything we ate and drank. The first task when we reach a new destination is to figure out the caffeine situation. Coming from the coffee capital of Seattle, this morning ritual is important to starting the day off right. Ever since we entered the Balkan area we’ve been faced with these fine powdery grounds and beautiful copper pots in our rental apartments; not knowing where to start. Those who know what they are doing make it look easy but if one misstep occurs you are left with a heap of unpleasant sludge. In Bosnia we bellied up to a traditional looking cafe to give it a go. The coffee was delightfully smooth and sweet. What I may have savoured most was the process- carefully pouring the coffee into my cup, stirring, waiting, sipping. Not once did I end up with a mouthful of sludge as the line between delicious and disgusting was obvious at the bottom of the copper pot.

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