Happy New Year!

Eat Seattle

Wow, what a year! This blog has morphed into a space where I can share a more personal perspective in all that I’m learning as I go on this experience called life. I apologize for not posting more often but running a small business is a time consuming job.

In a brief recap, many of you know that, 2014 was spent vacationing in Europe which allowed the rare opportunity to step back and refocus on life priorities. Equally as important, it gave me a chance to explore ways in which I can get back to my food roots (and utilize my expensive Le Cordon Bleu education). The Awakening Palate started as a platform to share all that I was absorbing about agriculture, local cuisines and the environment in Europe. At the same time, I began researching more about our food and our sources here in the Northwest. In January 2015 when we returned, I was anxious to hear from Northwest farmers, fishermen, and butchers but I didn’t find a food tour or cooking class that relayed the information I was seeking. Thus in a matter of a month I set out to create Eat Seattle which is focused on educating about all these special aspects of the Northwest.

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Raising Future Foodies

Future Foodies

I was watching reruns of Friends the other night. It was the episode where Phoebe is singing songs to a group of children at an elementary school.

The horrified looks of the audience, both young and old, as she sings about cows being ground up for hamburger meat is unsurprising. Going by way of the Tooth Fairy and Santa, the truth about where meat comes from is always a troubling time in a child’s life. The truth is that these younger generations are growing up in a culture where there is a big disconnect between food and its source of origin. This culture ultimately sets up an uneasy relationship with food, hindering one’s ability to learn new skills and make healthy, responsible choices.

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Work vs Pleasure- My Culinary Journey


I’ll admit that I was nervous to turn something I’ve considered a personal hobby into a professional career. I’ve always been of the mind-set that if one turns a personal passion into work then the initial appeal would disappear and soon one might start resenting the very thing he/she loved. Up until this year, I prided myself on keeping work and pleasure compartmentalized. It may be too soon to tell if taking the culinary path will, eventually, fall into this category but I can say that the journey, this far, has already been eye opening.

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Kitchen Confidential

Kitchen experience

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with one of Eat Seattle’s produce vendors when a chef in his 60’s wearing his black chef’s coat assertively joined into our conversation; eager to know more about the Eat Seattle culinary experience. His name is Brendan. To sum it up as concisely as possible, Brendan is an accomplished hockey player (originally Canadian), ex-lawyer, army vet, publisher of the cookbook “Brothers in the Kitchen”, French culinary graduate, world traveler, business consultant and teacher with over 25 year of culinary experience. It’s no wonder why he joins random conversations in the street as he has a lot to say. In any case, it was easy to like Brendan…we could relate to our ice skating adventures, our Canadian background, time spent in France and, of course, food.

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