Raising Future Foodies

Future Foodies

I was watching reruns of Friends the other night. It was the episode where Phoebe is singing songs to a group of children at an elementary school.

The horrified looks of the audience, both young and old, as she sings about cows being ground up for hamburger meat is unsurprising. Going by way of the Tooth Fairy and Santa, the truth about where meat comes from is always a troubling time in a child’s life. The truth is that these younger generations are growing up in a culture where there is a big disconnect between food and its source of origin. This culture ultimately sets up an uneasy relationship with food, hindering one’s ability to learn new skills and make healthy, responsible choices.

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Advice for Traveling Foodies


When was the last time you said “I want to eat where the locals eat”? I’m venturing to say that the majority of travelers have said this one time or another, including myself.  It’s logical…if we eat where those who reside in that town eat then we can assume we are getting a more authentic; less-touristy experience. Where this is partially true, I challenge you to ask yourself a couple things 1) are you prepared to accept that the locals might not eat as well as you imagined? 2) should you really be so disappointed in this globalized world when you hear your neighboring diners speaking English?

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Does a Food Hierarchy Make a ‘Foodie’?

Tarte aux légumes

Regardless of being in the country, every food encounter seems devoted to the food lover in Provence. The roadsides stands are filled with seasonal fruit and vegetables of the region (though some come from Spain). Each small village has a couple bakeries, a meat and charcuterie shop, a cheese shop and fruit and vegetable stands selling fresh products at a reasonable price. Then there is the weekly farmer’s market in each village that lures its clientele with its colorful displays of produce, vast selection of Mediterranean fish and mouthwatering rotisserie chicken among other things.

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