Food and Wine Guide to the Rhône Valley


Now that  you know what to expect in terms of the terrain, varieties and classifications of the French Rhône Valley from my last post, I’ll include my list of favorite meals and wines from Avignon to Vienne. I’ll do a breakdown of Lyon another time as this food-centric town deserves its own post. *Remember, in France, if you have your heart set on a restaurant you should get a reservation. The same applies to wineries.

My Method

Due to the fact that we are traveling frequently this year, I can’t take a month to plan out every single meal in advance. I wouldn’t want to even if I did. In my quest to find the best places, I seek out one or two restaurants or wineries online from a valid source (not TripAdvisor)- Wine Folly, Food and Wine, Anthony Bourdain etc. If the experience wins me over I seek referrals for future meals and wineries from the owner or staff. It has proven to be an effective way to navigate a new area.

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French Wine- Differences between Northern and Southern Rhône

Châteauneuf Du Pape

The wine industry has always intimidated me with there being so much to know about the grapes, land, climate, process etc. I’ve done several wine tours in Washington, Oregon and California but after a glass of wine my concentration tends to ebb along with the retention of my newfound knowledge. Old world wines are even more confusing as wine is identified by region, and the regulations that fall under it, rather than the variety. Thus, I took on the Rhône Valley with trepidation but determined to piece it all together.

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