Andrea’s Famous Ribs: A Few Easy Tips

BB Ranch Ribs

I’m lucky that one of my best friends is a fantastic home cook and adores hosting parties with close friends; sharing her prized wines, designing a stunning spread and sending us home with a generous portion of to-go goodies. Over the last decade that I’ve known Andrea, there is one recipe, in particular, that she has repeated and perfected. That is her ribs! Andrea takes care in every step of the process and has agreed to share her technique with us.

Similar to the crab cake philosophy..the key to ALL amazing food is to use the freshest local ingredients. Eat Seattle partners with BB Ranch a full service butcher dedicated to natural grass-fed meat. They work with local farmers to ensure animals are raised in comfortable living conditions and treated with care at the end of their life. I highly recommend checking them out in the Pike Place Market’s ‘Market Corner’ building. They are doing exceptional things.

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Andrea’s Citrus Tarragon Crab Cake Recipe Revealed

Crab Cake Eat Seattle

For those of you who know Andrea, or have been fortunate enough to eat her crab cakes, I’m sure this title alone captivated your attention. For those of you who need an introduction…Andrea Nasarow is a perfection-focused, talented home cook in Seattle who makes the most delicious crab cakes. She also happens to be a close friend of mine.

For Labor Day, we gathered our foodie friends for a blow out extravaganza. Andrea, myself and the grill master Michael Atalla provided the food and our other 10 friends brought their prized wines to share. Once again, Andrea’s crab cakes were a highlight that got the oohs and ahhs that they always deserve.

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Lemongrass Ginger Beer Blanc

atrium with liz-1

I was recently approached by Pure Food Fish Market to share a seafood recipe to be displayed on their website. It might sound like a easy task but my dilemma was that their products are so delicious on their own that anything overly complicated would mask the flavor and anything too simple would be boring and probably not that original. I usually have productive brainstorming sessions about 30 minutes before I fall asleep so I put this on my brainstorming to-do list for the evening.

Around midnight I came to bed exhausted but full of endorphines after 3 hours of West Coast Swing dancing. My thoughts drifted between concocting a cool new skating-like spin on the dance floor to a Copper River Salmon recipe that would inspire but not detract from the fish. My close girlfriend just came back from another fabulous trip eating at the top restaurants in Europe. She couldn’t stop talking about about a lemongrass beurre blanc sauce that clearly changed her culinary life. Since this was fresh in my mind I started dreaming up flavors that would elicit a citrus, sweet asian-fusion explosion while also complementing the natural flavors of the salmon. Soon I drifted off to sleep…

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Yam Chanterelle Lasagna

Yam Lasagna

Last month I, unexpectedly, met my lasagna muse at a vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam- Waaghals. It was a pumpkin lasagna with flavors that burst, textures that melted and colors that glistened. Maybe the stars were aligned or maybe my palate was finally ready for this comfort food to walk right into my life… All I know is when someone can turn a pumpkin spiced latte into your dinner you must follow your heart. Thus, I took on creating my own.

I’ve played around with various mixtures of ingredients to not only recreate but improve on the dish I ate at Waaghals; adding more Fall vegetables and ultimately texture. Here’s what I came up with:

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