The Mediterranean’s Sea Urchin Uni-verse

Sea Urchin

My first run-in (literally) with the sea urchin occurred in the Spring when coming in from a kitesurfing session in Montpellier, France. Upon landing my kite I reached down to pick up my board;  not realizing that putting my hand in the water would result in an unpleasant splinter and a blooding finger. The sharp pain quickly sobered me up from my session’s adrenaline; prompting me to take note that I was surrounded by hundreds of  these spiky  sea creatures. My bad-ass kiteboarding self squeaked like a little girl and tip-toed back to shore to inquire about these unforgiving nuisances. Apparently, “les oursins” which are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world, especially in Japan, infest the Mediterranean beaches in the Spring.

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