Egg Hunting in Europe


A month ago, when Easter was upon us, Chris put it well when he said ” every day is an Easter egg hunt with you”. This is because the typical pastry-centric European breakfast doesn’t work for me. I adore pastries (anything with sugar really) but you give me a pain au chocolat at 7 am and I’m ravenous and hangry by 9 am. My usual breakfast fare consists of a veggie-filled two-egg (one yolk removed) omelet with a piece of baguette. So, on shorter stay trips, where we don’t settle into a rental apartment, we are left scouring the streets; looking for something that will satisfy my protein void. We now have a new rule. We must memorize four things when we visit a new country…the capital city, who is currently running the country, how to count to 4 and how to say “eggs”.

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